How An Accident Reconstruction Services Team Can Save The Day After A Car Accident
June 11, 2018


When you’re involved in an accident, the evidence is usually quite clear which party was at fault, but so many times the at fault driver will start to lie about what happened. Without knowing their history, it’s easy to assume that they’ve been in at-fault accidents before and already know what they need to say, or not say, in order to cast doubt on the circumstances. This can be a problem if you’re a person that needs your clean driving record intact to maintain your job, or it you’re trying to keep your record clean for insurance purposes. One of the smartest things that you can do is call in an accident reconstruction services company to verify the facts of the case.

What An Accident Investigator Will Do On The Scene

Usually, an investigative team will be called in by a top quality lawyer intent on preserving the facts in order to take them to trial, either for the defense or plaintiffs, in a lawsuit or criminal trial. So, the sooner you call your lawyer and get the process started, the better. Don’t rely on the statements that the other drivers give after the accident to deter you from taking action. Even if they don’t lie immediately, they will most likely change their story as soon as they find out how much trouble they’re in with the law or their insurance company.

The accident investigators will show up on the scene as soon as possible and begin measuring and photographing every possible angle of the accident. The skid marks and the final resting places of the vehicles are important pieces of evidence that can be used to determine which vehicle crossed the centerline, how fast each car was traveling, who turned in front of the other car, and whether brakes were applied and when. All important pieces to the puzzle.

The typical accident reconstruction services employee will be either an ex-policeman, physicist, or engineer that has a strong mathematics background and knows the science behind the accident. They are usually specifically trained in accident reproductions and are excellent witnesses in court as well. But, time is of the essence after an accident occurs, if you wait too long, there will be no evidence to photograph and the skid marks will be worn off the pavement in quick order.

What To Do Immediately After An Accident

Most investigators will say that you shouldn’t provide an immediate statement to law enforcement officers at the scene, or be as vague as possible until you know the actual facts involved. This is because, you’re most likely emotionally distraught, the adrenalin is flowing, and you’re very likely to say something incriminating without knowing it. The officer will write it down and show up in court to testify and your case will be doomed from the start.

Take a few minutes to gather yourself, call your lawyer, and then refer all questions to your lawyer when they arrive. They’ll know exactly what to, and what not to, say and if there is a chance that the facts of the case could be questionable, they’ll call in an investigator to record the scene before the cars are hauled away and impounded.

The key to a good accident investigation usually starts with having a good attorney that knows who to call. You should take the time to find a top quality auto liability attorney before you need one so that when the time comes that you need one, you’ll have the number to call immediately.