Glow Stone Suppliers Of Ambient Glow Technology Aggregates
May 21, 2018

Glow in the dark stones are made with AGT (Ambient Glow Technology), a photo non-radioactive and non-toxic luminescent aggregate that that can be integrated into any type of structure that utilizes concrete, cement, epoxy, stucco, or resin. When placed in a resin-epoxy or cementitious matrix it will continue to function for more than 20 years. During the day the AGT aggregate appears white to light- yellow in color that blends easily into most surfaces. It can be used to create shapes, patterns, or logos with the same process utilized by epoxy and terrazzo professionals.

What is Ambient Glow Technology?

Ambient Glow Technology is a proprietary blend of extremely hard, non-shrinking polyester resin with photo-luminescent pigment specially formulated for concrete and epoxy applications. The product provides an unusual ambient light source that enhances safety and aesthetics in low light conditions for up to twelve hours after 10 minutes of exposure to sunlight. The application of AGT products can reduce the need for electric light by up to 70% at night. Daylight color is off-white to blend in with the surface in the daytime and glows brightly a night. Other after-glow colors are available in yellow-green, sky blue, and aqua-blue which can be used to great effect for aesthetic and artistic purposes.

What can AGT aggregate be Used for?

Ambient Glow Technology by glow stone suppliers can be used as a renewable, functioning ambient light source and as a unique design element for all types of interior and exterior applications such as:

  • Exterior
    Patio Decks
    Exterior Paths
    Exterior Support Walls
    Outdoor Benches
    Outdoor Tables
    Sculptures and Garden Features
    Patio Stones
    Any other outdoor or landscaping features


  • Interior
    Hard Floors
    Cement Floors
    Kitchen Counters, Walls, and Floors
    Bathroom Walls, Floors, and Vanities
    Bar Tops
    Interior Walls
    Emergency Egresses
    And for any other interior surface that needs illuminating or highlighting


  • Public Markers
    The high luminosity of AGT aggregate makes it highly suitable for marking pedestrian and Emergency Egress routes and vehicle traffic directions where verified and approved by local authorities.

How Does it Work

No electricity is required and just ten minutes of exposure to sunlight or twenty minutes to artificial light will cause the stones to glow for more than 12 hours. A clear sealer on a light substrate is used that is UV stabilized (instead of UV-inhibited) for full spectrum sunlight transmittance to activate the product. This provides the maximum amount of full-spectrum light needed to activate the aggregate for maximum effect. The ambient glow product works best where there is reduced or no competing light sources. Once the eyes have become adjusted to low-level light, the area will look like a colorful star-filled sky on a clear night.

Types of AGT Products by Glow Stone Suppliers

Glow rocks
Glow Stones
Glow Sand
Glow Pellets
Glow Discs
Glow Domes,
Glow Tape
Glow Overlays
Glow Epoxies


AGT is the strongest patented technology in the industry represented in 8 countries with a strong presence in 3rd World environments where there is no access to electricity or where the cost is prohibitive. AGT products are able to improve the conditions and safety of people’s lives in emergency and threatening situations like dark alleys, dark stairways in buildings, during electrical outages, and serves as effective guidelines to Emergency Egresses.

Aesthetic Applications

The amazing beauty of these functional products sets the imagination free to design countless practical as well as artistic projects for use in homes, businesses, public areas, and anywhere else where safety and beauty can be combined for the welfare of many.

The AGT aggregate can be sanded, ground, and polished for counter and floor applications. It is 100% anti-toxic and enhances the aesthetic as well as the safety aspects of any environment. It can be used on vehicles, uniforms, pet collars, and fitness gear when jogging, walking, or biking at night. This powerful luminescent glow green technology will save you money and improve the curb appeal of your property.

This high-performance AGT line of photo-luminous products come in sand or stone available in three colors with different intensities: Yellow/Green, Sky Blue, and Aqua Blue and come in bulk purchase amounts of 5lbs, 10lbs. and 20 lbs.
Place your order today and enjoy the world of happy AGT glow stone users.