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July 26, 2016
Swamp Mat Rental
Swamp Mat Rental

Across the nation of Canada, there are a dizzying array of different environments, all of which can be hard on the human beings living in them, whether they’ve lived in the same spot for generations or have recently arrived from less harsh climes. The land can be rough on people and their efforts at industry in Canada, whether it’s the inevitable complications of oil drilling in the frozen far north of the nation where a valuable commodity is beneath layers of earth and permafrost to the southwestern forest lands where the timber industry employs many people, yet despite centuries of practice, still find that these woods are quite dangerous, even under the best conditions.

Among other harsh environments in Canada are its famous muskegs, moist, fetid swamps where rotting biological matter decays slowly at best in the cool summers and freezing winters. This material absorbs several times its own weight in the inevitable rainfall of the lands and almost as much during the annual snow melting. This endless build up of slow rotting organic material and constant collection of water leads to soft, wet ground that human creations can easily sink into if their operators are not careful. One particularly telling incident from the nineteenth century describes an entire locomotive train sinking into a muskeg where no one expected one. While this story is somewhat questionable more than a century later, modern times have seen similar incidents where heavy construction vehicles were lost for what will likely be centuries beneath the cool, moist swamps of Canada.

But industry marches on, even in spite of the harsh conditions of the land. One particular response to the difficulties of the swampy lands of Canada is the swamp mat, also known as an access mat. These complicated creations of industry are available from Northern Mat, one of Canada’s leading producers of swamp mats and similar temporary constructions that are useful for keeping Canadian industry going forward while still maintaining the nation’s delicate environment. A swamp mat is essentially a long platform of wood, linked together and specially constructed and treated to be laid down across the swamplands and hold steady even with heavy construction vehicles rolling across it on a regular basis. These mats tend to get quite large even for small projects, mostly to ensure that safety to both laborers and equipment are maintained despite the fact that the earth beneath the access mats is ever hungry.

There are a wide variety of these constructions available from Northern Mat for swamp mat rental, each of them customized to specific type of swamp environment. Northern Mat also constructs and sells a number of other temporary constructions intended for different but no less harsh environments of the Canadian wilderness. Built with the construction industry in mind, Northern Mat knows exactly what it takes to bring industry to the harsh lands of the north and are willing to work with companies in order to ensure that their specific needs for traversing the Canadian wilderness are met at a swamp mat rental price that they can afford.