Finding That Great Italian Restaurant Toronto Style
July 17, 2019

It was not so long ago that an Italian restaurant in Toronto would pride itself on a great plate of spaghetti and meatballs. The influence of what can only be called ‘generic’ Italian dishes that had their slightly warped versions in the United States were the only choices available to both visitors to the city and the local populace. Then there was a lightbulb moment. The sudden influx of immigrants from Italy transformed the dining scene. These immigrants and their descendants meant that those diners were suddenly provided with authentic (sometimes deliciously rustic) versions of classic Italian dishes. These immigrants realized that the way they and their descendants could make a difference to their lives was to provide a literally hungry city with superlative dining choices. Toronto was transformed into a Mecca of Italian dining.

The problem for dinners was not to find that perfect dining venue. With so much choice great Italian restaurants Toronto style was a matter of discussion – and sometimes argument. However, in order to prevent a passionate Mediterranean emotional response to the question of what restaurants are best here are some great choice to start off on that journey towards finding that great Italian restaurant Toronto style – here are some suggestions.

1. Buca Osteria and Bar.

That rare combination of class and all-embracing comfort. It’s always a pleasure to have a look at the Salumi that is curing behind glass windows – you know what you are getting – and what you are getting is quality and taste in equal measure. Combing a modern approach to cuisine with a deep-seated commitment to authenticity this is a place to go for comfort. The cheese board and the dessert menu are reason enough to visit.

2. Speducci Mercatto.

One could say this is the perfect combination – an Italian focused marketplace and a top-class dining destination rolled into one incredible culinary experience. Whether you want fresh prepared prepared pasta or a classic pizza with a twist this is a place where you should be taking your place at a table. But even if you ignore those offerings menu items like the incredible ‘calamari fritti’ are fabulous. The venison and wild boar Salumi are incredible.

3. The Massimo Bruno Supper Club.

This may cost you a pretty penny – but the experience of communal dining will leave you wanting to drain that bank account down to the last cent. This is a dining experience that will on in memory. The alfresco summer dining evenings are simply wonderful. Share some of the wonderful creations of a chef who seems completely wedded to the idea that food should be shared among friends – and the experience epitomizes that. BYOB just adds to the excitement. Share laughter and a glass of your favorite tipple and you might just make friends for life.

4. The Cibo Wine Bar.

Cobine a nightclub experience with great rustic food. A top-notch wine bar and event destination this is a place where you can let your hair down. But make no mistake the quality of the food (and the experience itself) is world-class. The combination of rustic stone and high tech finishes is intriguing – as is the wine list. For a business night out or simply to enjoy a night out with friends there isn’t a place that can match the experience delivered by this destination. Corporate evening functions are part of the attraction – but intro meals like the Burrata and
Traditional Italian cheese with Prosciutto di Parma and Arugula – all aged in balsamic vinegar beg for companionship. The wine list is top class.

Exploring the great Italian restaurant Toronto style is an experience that will not soon be forgotten – make sure that you indulge at the earliest available opportunity. It is something that will not fade into memory anytime soon.