Details About EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program
July 6, 2016
EB-5 Immigrant Investor
EB-5 Immigrant Investor

The “EB-5 immigrant investor program” is offered in America as a means to acquire your green card. Investors can make an investment in the nation and immediately be approved for a green card. There is a vetting process based on specific requirements, and this criterion has to be met beforehand.

Let’s take a look at what will be required from those who are making the investment and why EB5 Diligence is a necessary team to call when hoping to assess where the money should be invested.

Necessary Investment Criteria Should Be Met

The US government has established a set amount that has to be invested into the country’s economy before the approval will go through. If these requirements are not met, the approval is not going to go through even if the rest of the expectations are met.

What would the necessary investment be?

It will depend on two factors. For an “open” green card (you can live anywhere), a $1,000,000 investment is the set minimum. For those who are willing to live in economically disadvantaged locations in America, the amount is lowered to $500,000. These areas would include various counties in Florida, California, Texas, and Hawaii.

Provides Permanent Residence

What will the investor acquire when they have obtained a green card? The investor and their family (spouse and kids) will be permanent residents after the approval has gone through and the investment is made. The green card is going to be one that is going to last.

This is important for those who are looking to bring their assets over to the US.

You will receive the same rights as everyone else, and this is going to be done after the requirements are met and have been assessed as being legitimate.

10 Full-Time Jobs Should Be Created

The second primary requirement set for the EB-5 immigrant investor program would be a need to create ten full-time jobs. This is going to be done based on the investment that has been made. The business being established will need to set up at least ten jobs for the area.

These will be local hires who are going to be paid like full-time employees and are going to receive benefits as well.

Assessments will be run by government inspectors to ensure all of these requirements are being carried out in accordance to what was signed before the green card was approved.

For those who are contemplating making the investment and applying, it is essential to begin by understanding the nuances of this process. The best place to start would be EB5 Diligence as this is a trusted resource for all of your questions.

Making a sizable investment can become filled with peril when adequate research is not being done on the subject. It is essential to hire an expert with extensive research in hand to pinpoint whether or not the investment will work. This is why EB5 Diligence is a viable solution for those requiring appropriate research beforehand.